Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Alexander Wang Solves Every Girl's Xmas Party Problem...

Hurrah for Alexander Wang who has single-handedly solved the problem many of us girls face on a Xmas party night out - that problem of forgetting the place you 
last left your handbag thanks to being a tad boozed up - the kind of boozed up where you make Gin & Tonic proud by blowing a .200 on a Breathalyser and see hundreds of twinkly stars around you when you finally get up off the pavement.

*Drum roll*

No more losey-my-bag thanks to Wang's new glow in the dark string shopping bag from his SS13 collection (above). So n
ow when you're on your hands and knees trying to reach up to a stool to steady yourself like you're reaching for Jesus, you'll spot your glowing bag across the bar right away!  
Not only that, but those little Xmas elves (thieves) won't try and snatch it because it looks like you've brought a fruit & veg bag out with you by accident.

Well done Wang, I'm raising my fifth cocktail of the morning to you!


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