Monday, 5 November 2012

The Painted Lady x MAC Cosmetics

"The Painted Lady is a poetic internal monologue of a young girl as she recalls a passing encounter on the street with a 'painted lady' (a slang term for a 19th century prostitute). She romanticises an overt sexuality so foreign to her—while imagining her own transformation from adolescence into womanhood." (Liz Goldwyn)

Starring Jena Malone (Donnie Darko), The Painted Lady is a seductive short film written and directed by LA-based artist/filmmaker Liz Goldwyn, created as part of a series of works to generate intelligent conversation about sex and the feminine identity.

Thanks to the work of makeup artist Gregory Alt and MAC cosmetics, the film presents a pretty extreme interpretation of how the painted faces of prostitutes and performers would've looked in the late 19th century - a time when makeup was considered vulgar and taboo. 
Think ultra-pale white powdered skin with the emphasis on heavily painted red lips and colourful "bedroom eyes" - but thank goodness we moved on from the advice given in various beauty guides of the era that suggested instead of makeup, women simply "bite their lips and pinch their cheeks vigorously before entering a room". Now we have good ole Benefit Benetint for that!

Watch the film below courtesy of NOWNESS:


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