Tuesday, 6 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE TEASER: Philippe Shangti - Saint-Tropez to London

French photographer Philippe Shangti, renowned for his provocative, bold, colourful style, has a unique aesthetic which blends the over sexualisation of women with some pretty daring core elements - from drugs ('No Cocaine Here', 2012) and killer stilettos ('Big Shoes', 2010) to Minnie Mouse wearing a sex toy ('Minnie Is My Bitch', 2010) and other playful paraphernalia - his work is both baffling and brilliant all at once.

Described as a 'modern day Guy Bourdin' in reference to his avant-garde style, Shangti is now bringing us Brits an insight into his 'crazy and disturbing world' with a new exhibition of his images at Imitate Modern in London - a show which aims to break down taboos surrounding drugs, sex and death, and provoke unexpected emotion in its audience, all with the help of his signature humourous undertones.

'The End Sex', 2010 - © Philippe Shangti

‘Saint-Tropez To London’ marks Shangti's first UK show, and will include some of his most iconic works - so expect your eyes to be shocked, surprised and seduced! 
Watch an exclusive teaser video for the exhibition below, courtesy of DawBell.

The ‘Saint-Tropez To London’ private view takes place on 8th November, and opens on 9th November – 8th December, for more info head to www.imitatemodern.com



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