Monday, 22 October 2012

X-ray Legs: Nike Print Tights

"They are not to be worn by the timid, the weak or the wallflower. They are for the woman who wants to let people know she’s not just an average girl – she’s an athlete." (Nike, 2012)

Or just an attention seeker?!

Check out the new line of Nike X-ray print tights which are part of the Nike Pro line, and are made using Dri-FIT and spandex materials, and finished with an embossed elasticated waist band - 'spandex' and 'elasticated' being two words we just love to hear in Winter, along with wine and chocolate.
But anyhow, back to the tights, which have been designed not just for workouts, but are also "stylish for wearing post boot-camp or out on the town", say Nike on the official press release.
Hmm, I don't know many women who would really wear these out socially post a gym sesh, unless of course they're off to some kind of rave. In that case, you'll need a Nike whistle too.
The exclusive tights are available on now, in strictly limited quantities.


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