Wednesday, 17 October 2012

VIDEO: Die Antwoord: They No Likey Lady Gaga

Die Antwoord has released the official video for the second track from their album Ten$ion.

Fatty Boom Boom controversially pokes fun at Lady Gaga who invited the duo to be the opening act on the South African leg of her world tour. The band declined, and have now chosen a 'drag queen Gaga' (wearing that infamous meat dress), to appear in their new video, which also mocks the singer's recent comments about weight gain and eating disorders.
Faux-Gaga rocks up in South Africa, goes sightseeing, gets car-jacked, gets shot at, gives birth to an insect (prepare to 'Ew' at that bit) and then gets eaten by a lion. The End. 
Something tells me they really don't like Gaga.....



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