Tuesday, 23 October 2012

VIDEO: Alexa & Co. Lip Sync For Women's Rights

If you haven't already heard of The Citizens Band, then you have now.
The NY-based cabaret group, fronted by Sarah Sophie Flicker, are renowned for making political statements in their own unique way. 
And now Flicker has enlisted the help of some well known female faces, including Alexa Chung, Girls' Lena Dunham, Fash Ed Leith Clark, singer Sia, blogger Tavi Gevinson and model Karen Elson, to appear in a PSA backing Barack Obama.
The reason? To make US women vote Obama up against Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who thinks it's perfectly okay to stifle women's rights.
Check out the vid below which features the girls all lip syncing to Lesley Gore’s 1963 hit ‘You Don’t Own Me’. 


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