Monday, 22 October 2012

Sigur Rós Mystery Film Experiement

Icelandic ambient/post-rockers, Sigur Rós, invited film makers and video directors from across the globe to create their very own video concept for one of the tracks on the band's new album Valtari. The Mystery Film Experiment was created to bypass the artistic approval process and give entrants complete freedom to visually present how a song plays out in their mind. Among the filmmakers who have taken part so far are Ramin Bahrani, Alma Har'el, John Cameron Mitchell and Anafelle Lui, who has produced a mesmerising, if slightly creepy take on what Fjögur Píanó means to her. I don't know if that's Anafelle underneath all that whatever-is-shes-underneath in her highly stylised video, but watch it below, it's pretty darn cool:




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