Thursday, 25 October 2012

Helmut Lang Collaborates With Grey Area

Helmut Lang has its roots firmly in art, which is why it makes complete sense for the label to collaborate with online gallery and store, Grey Area, founded by Kyle DeWoody and Manish Vora, to exhibit installations and a range of art-focused gifts by various artists across its stores.
From November 1 to January 17, the label will feature pieces from Shelter Serra's Engine Blocks collection, and will also sell pieces such as James DeWoody’s note cards, Michelle Lopez’s Band-Aid rings and Serra’s Fake Rolex watch/bracelet which is covered in silicone (below), designed as the ultimate homage to "a watch of status" (Serra, 2012).

Serra's sculpture practices involve taking everyday objects and covering them in unique materials to replicate archetypes of our culture, such as his 2011, 'Homemade Hermes Bag', cast in resin (below).

All Images © Shelter Serra


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