Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A New Fash Pack Black: Tiger of Sweden 'Tech Noir'

If you like wearing black (which is basically most of us), then you'll like Tiger Of Sweden‘s Tech Noir collection and their accompanying ‘Paint It Black’ campaign (images below).

A mix of rock chic style pieces including jeans, jackets and sweaters - the label has collaborated with paint manufacturer Alcro, to create their very own fash pack black colour - “T/J Black”.

For autumn winter we’ve worked with a dark, post-apocalyptic theme, gathering inspiration from a futuristic lifestyle characterised by do-it-yourself, odd materials and resourcefulness. Black is central to the theme and having our very own colour is a natural progression for Tiger of Sweden/Jeans”, says designer Johan Schalin. 

In contrast to previous collections which have featured denim on a red base, the AW12 line is almost exclusively black, giving a darker foundation to the label's modern everyday wear pieces. Shop the collection HERE.

Images © Tiger of Sweden, 2012


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