Monday, 24 September 2012

VIDEO: Justin Tranter's Filthy Glamour

Justin Tranter is not just any pink-stiletto/feather boa-wearing diva - he's Lady Gaga's best friend and pink stiletto/feather boa-wearing diva.

The Semi Precious Weapons frontman who oozes filthy-glamour (he also popularised that term), has known the Mother Monster since her early days as Stephanie Germanotta, when she ran after the band wearing just her undergarments (she was one of SPW's biggest groupies).
Tranter has since designed a line of glam-rock-inspired jewellery under his label, Fetty, some of which was included as show merchandise for Gaga's tours. The statement pieces eventually caught the attention of buyers from Barneys, Urban Outfitters and Fred Segal, and well, the rest is history, and now his collection is worn by A-listers including Kate Moss. 
A line from one of the band's hits, I can’t pay my rent, but I’m f**king gorgeous" also formed the slogan on a line of tees and totes.

Tranter's penchant for reinventing and reinterpreting new-wave glam fused with his 80s-like wardrobe is now the subject of StyleLikeU's 'closet' video series - exploring his fashwan inspirations while also allowing him to flaunt his custom pink camouflage tights, designed by friend Jimmy Knehans (who also designs all of his jackets). Tranter teams them up with gold glitter Stuart Weitzman boots......naturally.

Watch the vid below:


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