Wednesday, 26 September 2012

VIDEO: Frank Ocean's Raunchy Pyramids

So a
fter the success of his debut album 'Channel Orange' in July this year (it went to No 2 in our album charts), Frank Ocean has now unveiled a new track online via his Tumblr, titled 'Blue Whale' (Life Goes On), which you can listen to HERE.
But it's the recently released video for the track 'Pyramids' (from the debut album) that's caught my attention - mainly because the eight-minute vid features Ocean drunk stumbling in a raunchfest of a strip club (with strippers in slow-mo just so you can see their sequin nipple tassles in more detail); riding a motorbike in the desert (passing trippy bendy telephone polls) and there's even a John Mayer cameo too. If you're wondering why, Mayer plays the electric guitar solo on the track, so naturally he appears in front of a neon illuminati-like pyramid sign in the desert... playing the guitar. 
Directed by Nabil Elderkin, this is most definitely NSFW:


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