Monday, 24 September 2012

VIDEO: Flo Welch Does Working Men's Club Style

So Flo Welch teamed up with Calvin Harris for his new choon 'Sweet Nothing' and the pair have now unveiled the official vid for the track which sees Flo ditching her signature swirly, floaty frocks in favour of more mannish attire.

The singer opts for a suit and slicked back short hair as she performs in a grimy working men's club - and just to add to the seedy atmosphere, the vid also features a domestic dispute and a good ole kickin' on the street by some Phil Mitchell lookalikes.
For those of you who just love Flo's flowing red mane, don't despair, she eventually unleashes its wildness later in the vid when she strips to her undergarments!

'Sweet Nothing' features on Harris's new album '18 Months' which is released on October 29.


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