Thursday, 6 September 2012

Official Teaser Video: Take a Fashion Shower with Anna Dello Russo for H&M

It's here! Well, actually it was here last night when I tweeted a link to it via my Twitter page, so it's here... again.

This is the official teaser vid to promote Anna Dello Russo's collaboration with H&M which sees her launching an accessories collection with the retailer next month.

It's everything you would expect from Dello Russo - everything beginning and ending in OTT (and cringe face). It features the fashion Ed, muse and style icon in gold high heels and enough latex to make your eyes water, flaunting various pieces from her new range, while shimmying away singing a song called Fashion Shower - and for those of us who have witnessed Dello Russo's shaky grasp of the English language up close and personal, *warning* it's probably best you have a translator with you before you watch this.

She tells us in the vid, "Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom", and after watching this, some may say that Dello Russo should be locked up. Bless her madness. 
Watch below!


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