Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Kate Moss & George Michael for Vogue Paris October

I'm currently head down (read, drowning) in London Fashion Week reviews, but I had to take 5 mins to post this pic of the Mossy and the Michael on the cover of  Vogue Paris October 2012.
As you'll already know (or maybe you don't?), the supermod appears in the singer's latest single White Light which I'm still loving longtime. The pair obviously had a word with Mario Testino and suggested he lensed them for this issue of the fashwan bible, and what d'ya know, Mario he say yes. 
Apart from George's eyebrows scaring me and that annoying piece of hair attaching itself to Kate's eyelashes, it's a très glam cover and I like it. 
Now, back to those reviews.....

Image © Mario Testino


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