Friday, 21 September 2012

60s Supermodel Icon: Veruschka - 'La Mia Vita'

"Veruschka Is the most beautiful woman in the world......" (Richard Avedon, Vogue, 1972)

It's such a shame that a new book about one of the world's most iconic supermodels, Veruschka, is only available in Italy and in Italian!!
Veruschka - La Mia Vita (Veruschka - My Life), features over 100 unpublished photographs and follows the life of the first superstar model, who was revolutionary in the 60s for kicking off the trend for super-thin, alien-like tall models, thanks to her towering six-foot frame.

She continued to push the boundaries in 2010 as she appeared on the catwalk for GILES at London Fashion Week aged 71 years old. Her appearance sparked a debate about the use of older models in fashion, so much so, even I wrote a piece about it here for Metro Newspaper.

Let's hope the book gets a UK release soon!


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