Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Vinyl Factory Presents 'Kraftwerk 45 RPM'

The Vinyl Factory and The Mott Collection have announced a new exhibition which will showcase the unique design aesthetic behind the band Kraftwerk's single covers - 
an analogue past dreaming of today’s digital present.

'45 RPM' will display 45 iconic 7” Kraftwerk covers which celebrate how ahead of the curve the influential and experimental German band were - the covers will also be available for sale, along with a commemorative book which will be available in a limited edition run of 300 copies. This book documents all 45 singles and also includes an essay and an exclusive 7” single of a rare Kraftwerk interview. You can order it HERE now.

Images @ TheMottCollection / Vinyl Factory, 2012

During the mid-’70s, Germany’s Kraftwerk established the sonic blueprint followed by an extraordinary number of artists in the decades to come" says The Vinyl Factory. "From the British new romantic movement to hip-hop to techno, the group’s self-described “robot pop” – hypnotically minimal, obliquely rhythmic music performed solely via electronic means – resonates in virtually every new development to impact the contemporary pop scene of the late-20th century, and as pioneers of the electronic music form, their enduring influence cannot be overstated."

The exhibition opens on 13 September - October 2012 (with a preview/reception on Wednesday September 12th 6–10pm) at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea, 91 Walton Street, London SW3 2HP.


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