Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Patti Smith x Robert Mapplethorpe's First NY Apartment Goes On Sale

If you read the book Just Kids, you'll find a deep and poetic journey of words which traces singer, artist and poet Patti Smith's relationship with soul mate, lover and provocateur, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (who later came out as gay to YSL muse Loulou de la Falaise on a dance floor).
From their first meeting in the 1960s the memoir explores the personal, social and artistic history behind the many iconic images of them both, such as the black-and-white rock-album-cover style shots, to the less glam and gritty poverty of the visual tale that unfolded behind the walls of the legendary Chelsea Hotel.
Before they chose to join the bohemian eccentricity that became synonymous with the fleapit celeb haunt, a favourite among writers, artists and musicians such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Sid Vicious - and where Dylan Thomas drank himself to death - the pair lived a life away from the destruction and scandal in a building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which is now up for sale.
The couple who became the paragons of cool lived in the three-floor building in the 60s/70s and it's just gone on the market in the US for $1 million (£640,000), and just in case you're interested in buying a piece of history (HERE), this is how Smith once described it:

We had the entire second floor, with windows facing east and west, but its aggressively seedy condition was out of range of experience. Robert cut a deal with the landlord, agreeing to clean and paint it himself provided we pay only one month’s deposit, instead of the required two. The rent was eighty dollars a month. We paid one hundred and sixty dollars to move into 160 Hall Street. We regarded the symmetry as favorable.”


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