Wednesday, 11 July 2012


As part of Berlin Fashion Week, Patrick Mohr - best known for his sportswear with a sophisticated twist - presented his usual mix of clean lines and highly wearable designs which inject a little bit of the avant-garde into streetwear (think mixed silhouettes with an urban edge). 

His signature triangular geometries are still strong for SS13, but gently muted in pastels and tie-dye across cotton and silk fabrics.
Watch the short film below which was shown in Berlin to introduce the collection.
It's full of youthful lust, a mini model orgy (with chains), and lots of religious iconography, oh, and a man in a mask who regularly pops up. The film (like his collection), is entitled 'MetaMOHRphose' (do you see what he did in metamorphose....yup, I know you got that). 
It's a strange video - just as you're getting into the dark side, that tale suddenly ends, and you're transported into a room full of super-bright tube lighting and rotating models wearing the collection, set to eerie music.
I preferred the scenes with the masked guy and some crucifixes myself....


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