Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Model Emergency x Vs. Magazine

Imagine model Erin Wasson clad in Givenchy and Georg Jensen bling, saving the life of another model (Lydia Carron) after she starts to choke on a grape necklace designed by Jensen. 

Well imagine no more, as the whole fantasy episode is actually real, well, as real as it can be considering the scene is acted out in a new short film by filmmaker / photographer Jenna Elizabeth entitled The Heimlich Maneuver. 

The short sees both models seductively staring at one another over dinner, until Carron begins to choke and Wasson saves her, administering possibly the most erotic and sexually-charged Heimlich Maneuver I have ever seen?!. Wasson then sensually removes the necklace from Carron's mouth, and runs off with it. Bad Wasson!
Watch the clip courtesy of Vs. Magazinelive below:


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