Sunday, 29 July 2012

Less Is More x Noritaka Tatehana

Noritaka Tatehana - the shoe designer behind Daphne Guinness and Gaga's towering heelless shoes/boots -  has revealed some of his AW12 collection, entitled Atom.
It's another avant-garde journey through cobbler couture, and it would also help if you're not afraid of heights - one of the new styles (pic above) is a dizzying 17 inches high - that's a face-meet-pavement shoe right there.
The new collection is more understated than previous offerings which have included ruby red Swarovski-decorated boots and thigh-high platforms embellished in gold studs. Things have taken a more minimalist, gothic turn for AW12, and black is definitely back - with the exception of a sapphire blue Swarovski crystal encrusted pair, for the Daphne G in you. 

For the first time, the collection also includes the addition of gift-like accessories such as leather pouches for fragrances and “kanzashi” hair picks - traditionally worn by Japanese geishas.
Images © Noritaka Tatehana

In case you're wondering why Tatehana chose to name his collection Atom, here's why:

"In order to assert one’s own power, people have created various "things" and have vied with each other. They were things people were not suppose to deal with in the first place, but they have become the symbol of power and having been undoubtedly accepted by some, they have integrated into our everyday life. The concept of atom in a philosophical sense means “the smallest indivisible component of matter”. Since the huge earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, people around the world were left to ponder over a variety of things. Aren’t there just too many things we can’t do without in our lives these days? Aren’t we facing the urgent need to reconsider the fundamentals of life before we ourselves become “indivisible” from that which exceeds the permissible parameters of our control? I have never felt “death” so close to me as on the day of that earthquake. I will never forget how much I was encouraged by messages from around the world."

As usual, all shoes prices are "upon request", which means, don't bother unless you've just paid off your credit card. 


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