Saturday, 14 July 2012

Erika Spring x Hidden (VIDEO)

Erika Spring, a member of New York trio Au Revoir Simone, has released a self-titled EP which is full of paired-down breathy vocals over a synth-pop sound, accompanied by a video which stars model Lyle Lodwick and Spring acting out some interpretive dance moves and floating/walking in the air inside a light-filled attic setting - it's all very ethereal with 
elemental metaphors playing on the transition between dream and reality. Water washes over skin, symbolising the cleansing of memories, and smoke gently creeps in under a window adding to the mystery and adventure.
Directed by Celia Rowlson-Hall, the tale ends with Spring climbing into a children's playhouse...... in her undergarments. Perhaps that's meant to represent a return to basics or retreating into your own world....or something like that?!?

Hidden is the first single from the 'Erika Spring EP' which is out now via Cascine. Watch the vid below, and I'm loving the simple styling of white tees and denim...


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