Tuesday, 24 July 2012

CR Is Coming ....

Image © CR Fashion Book

So the official sneak peak image from Carine Roitfeld's forthcoming CR Fashion Book has been revealed, and well, it moves and it involves graveyards.
The pic features model Juliet Ingleby in not very many clothes, walking through a cemetary, accessorised with red heels, red handbag and a draped lilac veil over her head which billows in the wind - behind her trail three black leather-clad women with Micheal-Keaton-In-Beetlejuice-like make-up. If you head to the CR website, Ingleby's veil has been made into a GIF, and who doesn't love a GIF! ... see the moving image HERE.

Shot by Sebastian Faena and styled by Roitfeld herself, it promises something a little dark and avant-garde, and you just know how much I love all things dark and avant-garde!

The new magazine launches on September 13, but you can pre-order your digital copy via the website now (which is still being constructed).  
As the message on the preview says, “CR is coming.” Let's hope it lives up to all the hype.


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