Friday, 20 July 2012

Biba And Beyond: A New Exhibition

Barbara Hulanicki was the fashion force behind iconic 60s and 70s label and store BIBA - the emporium credited with transforming the British high street shopping experience by bringing directional and cutting edge designs to the masses, with an affordable price tag.
As crowds of young women flocked to the store where freedom and creativity reigned, they shopped alongside celebrities such as Cher, The Rolling Stones and Brit model and muse Twiggy.
The store itself was an extension of the colourful and bold designs Hulanicki created, which were inspired by Art Deco, Nouveau and Victoriana themes fused with old-school Hollywood glamour - beautiful and eclectic creations in rich, dark hues which were paired with
 floppy hats and feather boas, all carrying the distinctive black-and-gold art deco style Biba logo.

Now in a new exhibition entitled 'Biba and Beyond', the founder who helped put the swinging into the swinging 60s, is celebrated in a display of illustrations and photography which bring the vibrant Biba years back to life, including a film (released back in 2009) which delves into why it became such a fashion phenomenon - watch the official trailer below: 

The exhibition also explores Hulanicki's earlier career in fashion illustration, her award-winning achievements in interior design and architecture and her collaborations with retail giants such as Topshop (she designed a one-off capsule collection for the store in 2009) and George at Asa.

Polish-born Hulanicki studied at Brighton's College of Art and the popular seaside resort inspires many artists and designers today - it's also home to over 300 independent stores from bespoke tailors and vintage fashion boutiques offering a mix of quirky dresses and accessories, to retro shops stocking high-end 50s kitsch furniture and galleries selling locally made sculpture and paintings. 

Biba and Beyond runs at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery from September 22 to April 14 2013, for more info and to buy tickets, head HERE.


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