Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Aitor Throup x The Shiva Skull Bag

Designer and sculptor Aitor Throup doesn't work to the seasonal cycles of fashion - i
nstead he creates unconventional, one-off pieces which evolve over time.

After six years in the making, his latest creation is the Shiva Skull Bag. A design made to the exact specifications of the human skull, covered in grey tweed, with a black leather zip for the mouth (think Zippy from Rainbow!). The bags will suit goths and anyone who likes to make a statement with their accessories, such as 'I love death and dark things like that'.
The skull bags will be available from early 2013 via Throup's website and other stockists, and will also form part of an exhibition featuring a further 22 archetypes to be revealed between now and January at London's Dover Street Market.
Throup will also display his work at Frieze Art Fair in October.

Image © Aitor Throup


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