Friday, 22 June 2012


Madonna = my idol.

Technodrome1 = one of my favourite portrait artist's right now. His work takes popular characters and celebrities and transforms them into an animated vibrant neon graphic, with a touch of the psychedelic about it.
Now put those two together, and what do you get?


Image © Technodrome1
Image © Herb Ritts, 1986

A reworking, Technodrome1 stylie, of Madonna's iconic 1986 "True Blue" album cover, which was shot by the legendary photographer Herb Ritts.
Created exclusively for me, this is the first time Technodrome1 has stamped his signature aesthetic all over the Material Girl, and well, it was LOVE at first sight! 

Look out for my interview with this unique and uber-talented artist, exclusively for art and fashion magazine 55 Pages, coming soon. But in the meantime you can follow him on Twitter HERE, and check out the rest of his brilliant work HERE.


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