Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Helmut Newton x Three Boys From Pasadena #Exhibition

Images © Williamson Gallery

There must be a certain look of availability in the women I photograph. I think the woman who gives the appearance of being available is sexually much more exciting than a woman who’s completely distant. This sense of availability I find erotic.” (Helmut Newton, White Women, 1976 )

Photographer Helmut Newton's work portrayed a uniquely exotic world, saturated predominantly with beautiful women in highly stylised provocative poses (and often nude and in stiletto heels), where the social elite met with desire, decadence and often an empty street or luxury hotel room at midnight.
 He embraced and explored nudity and introduced a fetishistic edge to mainstream photography - once dubbed the creator of "porno chic", without Newton, S&M would not be the fashion statement it is today.

Despite his passing in 2004 (he's buried in Berlin beside Marlene Dietrich), the legacy of Newton lives on and continues to inspire, as three of his most intimate protégées – Mark Arbeit, George Holz and Just Loomis have produced a short film in homage to their time working with the photography legend.
Following an exhibition of Newton’s archive of fashion, nudes and portraits at the Grand Palais in Paris - the short, entitled 'Three Boys from Pasadena', is a moving account of the trio's years working alongside Newton, and also gives us a sneek peak into the accompanying exhibition in Pasadena, California, which features a series of polaroids and various memorabilia (see a selection of pics above).

Three Boys from Pasadena is at the Williamson Gallery, Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, until 26 August. For more info, head HERE.

Watch an excerpt from the short below, courtesy of NOWNESS:


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