Monday, 14 May 2012

Secondhand Rose (NYC) x NOWNESS

I love this!
NOWNESS, the site which oozes content-greatness and always directs us to where the cool kidz are, now features an interview with Suzanne Lipschutz, the founder of Secondhand Rose - a vintage wallpaper store which finds and sells rare, unique, antique and forgotten wallpaper, dating from the1860s to 1970, covering styles from chinoiserie to mylar and mod geometrics.
An institution in New York, catering for the eclectic and exhuberant tastes of Manhattan's finest including celebs like Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen and Madonna - the store also supplies wallpaper prints for set designers seeking a timeworn, nostalgic, (and sometimes crazy) look; and various samples from the store's collections have also popped-up in museums across the world.
In this short film from directors Nick Sweeney and Aaron Peasley, Lipschutz discusses her 50+ years as the wallpaper guru, telling NOWNESS:
Finding wallpaper, there’s nothing I love more,” she says. “I could sniff it out anywhere; I could ride through a strange town and tell by the building if it had wallpaper in it.”


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