Monday, 14 May 2012

Louis Vuitton x 100 Legendary Trunks #App #iTunes

It's the Year of the Trunk, in case you didn't know, and to coincide with Louis Vuitton's new book 100 Legendary Trunks, the luxury brand has launched a new iTunes app designed for LV luggage lovers, and "explorers, magicians, actors or Maharajas…”

With tabs including “Signatures,” “Savoir Faire,” and “Globe Trotters,” the app invites you to explore the world of LV, complete with digital goodies such as vids and sound clips, taking you on a journey through 150 years of trunkin' 'n' travellin' (mainly with the jet-set and celeb glitterati).

The iconic trunks form the cornerstone of the Parisian houses' late-19th-century luggage business, and were originally built to survive voyages in the holds and cabins of passenger ships and carried on the backs of elephants. Indian royalty were among the first to commission the cases for long-haul journeys; and paying homage to their travel origins, Marc Jacobs' AW12 show in Paris channelled a bygone LV era featuring a real steam engine and models accompanied by individual porters carrying baggage, handbags, hat boxes and doctor bags.

The app is not cheap at £13.49, but it's cheaper than a Maharaja-approved trunk, non?!

Download the app HERE.


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