Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Karl Lagerfeld x Snoop Dogg: "Saint Tropez"

Image © YouTube

Even after watching this video by Jean-Roch a few times over since it was emailed to me this morning, I still have *cringe face*.

Never mind the fact that this song is truly awful, but the video for "Saint Tropez" (the name of the song) is also full of typically Saint-Tropez-y things like beautiful sunsets, pretty coloured houses, shots of the sparkling turquoise ocean and super yachts - just to annoy us in London while we enjoy full on rainstorms and hailstones. 

Oh, and Snoop Dogg also pops up in plaits.

In case you have zero clue who Jean-Roch is, he's an electro-pop DJ type (meaning the kind of DJ who makes those tunes you hear over and over all Summer until you want to punch your own ears off).
Before you watch Karl and his ponytail in signature summery white and fingerless gloves, I'll give you a little insight into the plot, which features Jean-Roch and Karl in heaven, who then end up in Saint-Tropez heaven, because heaven is a place called Saint-Tropez on earth (do you hear that Belinda Carlisle?). 

Running parallel to that *heavy* plot is another featuring Jean-Roch and Snoop partying all over town, and a girl singing over the dance track, repeating the lines "I'm sitting on the dock, I'm sitting on the dock....". Which to be honest, actually sounds like she's singing "I'm sitting on the dog...." and later, "I'm sitting on the duck". 

Snoop also refers to Jean (pronounced with a silent 'J' in French-land), as "John". Bless Snoop Chien!

So without further ado, watch this masterpiece for yourself below, which also features Karl pointing at Jean saying, "You were never told that Saint-Tropez is paradise?".
Hmm, let's see Karl, Eurotrash tunes and Snoop Dogg pumping his fist in the air? I'll give that paradise a miss thanks.
But if there is one good thing to come out of this video, it's that the Saint-Tropez Tourist Board don't have to spend money on an advertising campaign this Summer.


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