Friday, 4 May 2012

#FridayTune - I Can't Say 'Who' Because You'll Laugh

Yes yes I know I'm dropping the 'edgy cool' factor down a notch or 10 by featuring Paula Abdul on this blog, and no, I'm not still jetlagged, or sitting in a padded room chewing on a pillow tile. I actually really like this song because it reminds me that Friday is here, and you know that Friday means cocktails, shimmying and forgetting your name after 9pm. What am I talking about...that's like every other night??
It's also a Bank Holiday weekend, so triple hurrahs!

Now close your eyes (so you can't see this terrible excuse for a music video, which features Paula needing a really good hairbrush and less of the wind machine), and enjoy the song that makes me do that thing where you straddle bar stools and sing into Tequila bottles, all on your own. 

And heh, at least it's not the vid with MC Skat Kat in it...


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