Friday, 20 April 2012

Yayoi Kusama x Alice In Wonderland

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama renowned for her dot motif, has continuously re-invented her style over the nine decades of her work which encompasses art, sculpture, film, performance and installations - most of which reference her desire to escape not only from her own self-admitted residency in a psychiatric institution, but also from her own psychological prison.
She allows others to explore her inner world of fear, fantasy and madness via installations which immerse the viewer in a vision of endless dots, nets or infinitely mirrored space - spaces with a hallucinatory effect where you come away feeling you've been transported to another planet of psychedelia, but you also come away understanding how one could become trapped in your own mind. 

Kusama's surrealist visions of the world and the personal space she occupies are similar to those which Lewis Carroll conjured up within his truly bizarre book "Alice in Wonderland". Sending Alice through metamorphic changes such as becoming smaller or larger after drinking potions from labelled bottles, or experiencing double vision and hallucinations of smiling cats - it is perhaps not so surprising that Penguin books asked Kusama to illustrate a new version of the children's classic.
Think pages decorated with vivid, colourful images, tales of Alice and of course, dots. 
It's another interpretation of life through the rabbit hole by Kusama, who describes herself as a "modern day Alice in Wonderland".

Images © Penguin Books

Watch a video about the book below, which is now available on Amazon.
You can also still catch the Yayoi Kusama retrospective - her first in the UK - at London's Tate Modern until June 5th. It's mesmerising, so go see! More info HERE.


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