Thursday, 12 April 2012

TrendRewind: The Platform Shoe (VIDEO)

Ashish AW12 Platform Boot © Village Press

Proving that fashion really does come back around, and around, and around again (that would be cyclical then), watch this retro video below about the birth of the clumpy shoe which just refuses to go away - I'm talking about the platform of course!

Seen all over the AW12 catwalks in various guises from Miu Miu, Olivier Theyskens and Pam Hogg to the geometric colour-blocking version by Swedish label Finsk and Ashish's rainbow-heel boots - these elevated shoes which were once considered *wacky*, are now part of most people's wardrobes (and I'm not talking about those hideous calf-hugging, patent Abba-esque mistakes you find in Camden Market).

Finsk AW12 

This vid is very British, meaning there's an obligatory cheeky cockney bloke in a flat cap who says, "Your feet are not made to wear big fat shoes like that" and a presenter whose voice is very *BBC English presenter from ye olden times* who inevitably ends up trying out a pair of platforms and walks (stumbles) down the street in a very similar fashion to the way I walk after an evening lots of gin.


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