Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Sounds Like....Uh Huh Her & Hidden Orchestra


Indie / electro-pop duo Uh Huh Her released Nocturnes, the follow-up to their 2008 debut album Common Reaction last year - and well, it was pretty darn cool as far as moody/synth-driven-kinda-pop LP's go. One of my fav tracks (meaning it's always on repeat) is Wake To Sleep, a dreamy beat enhanced by the vocals of Camila Grey (one half of the band, Leisha Hailey forms the other bit ), and apparently they're a couple too. Good for them.

Anyhoo, the band released a vid for the track recently, directed by Justin Coloma, and here comes the *ballet* bit, because out-and-proud contemporary dancer Sasha Mallory makes a cameo in the vid - splashing around a damp (but very well lit) disused warehouse, looking a bit like she just threw everything on in the dress-up box.

Song = Love, love and LOVE (available on iTunes now)
Video = S'ok...if you like tutus


A big thank you to Mr Jazz hands (aka Jamie Cullum), for introducing me to this new EP from Edinburgh-based band Hidden Orchestra - Flight - which has to be one of the hippest mix of sampling, basslines and percussion I've heard in ages.

Listening to this just takes me on a journey through a dreamlike soundscape, and I love how the added elements of drum'n'bass and hip-hop fuse into the organic jazz vibes. 
It's a digital-only release through Tru Thoughts and features remixes from the Night Walks album by Floex, Lost Twin, and Maddslinky, and a bonus remix by The Colonel - available on iTunes now.


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