Tuesday, 3 April 2012

So You Think You Can Model & Paint? (actually she CAN)

Despite models appearing to have permanent 'go-slow' signs attached to their brains, one such clothes horse is breaking away from the pack of wobbling giraffes, to prove not only can she string a sentence together without the aid of a speak 'n spell, but she can draw and paint too!
Ok, I'll stop with the cheekiness now, because 21-year-old Argentinian model Naomi Preizler (aka Naomi P) is actually very good at depicting strong and aesthetically unusual women in fashion, via her sketches of other models, captured backstage at catwalk shows including JPG, Dior and Marc Jacobs.
Featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Argentina's first issue, Naomi's insider view on fashwan is brought to life via her unique and often colour-injected brush strokes, and her work has become so highly regarded that it appeared on Vogue.com and she was also commissioned by Harvey Nichols to illustrate their SS12 press book (featuring Meadham Kirchhoff's candy shop pastel pieces). 

She's also collaborating with a brand in her native Buenos Aires to launch a capsule line of tees featuring her prints..due out later this year.

So yes, she's quite good really. See for yourself below.

All images © Naomi Preizler

© Naomi P for Harvey Nics SS12

Courtesy of the Telegraph, here is a short vid in which Miss P creates a self-portrait while also discussing the female mods who inspire her work. 
And can I just say... I WANT that 'What Would Neil Young Do?' artwork hanging on her wall. For those of you also thinking the same, it's by Brit artist Jeremy Deller, and was a give-away poster at the Frieze Art Fair in 2006.



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