Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I think Not 'Dot' - Marc Jacobs x Juergen Teller

Image © Juergen Teller / Marc Jacobs

Not that every single one of Marc Jacobs fragrance campaigns looks the same or anything (they do), but here is the latest imagery for his SS12 girlie perfume 'Dot' - sister to Daisy (2007), Lola (2009) and Oh Lola! (2011).
Featuring 19-year-old Aussie model Codie Young, it's the usual teen-holding-a-bottle-pose, but at least this time it's not between her legs as she reclines with the slogan "Oh Lola!" - such as Dakota Fanning in 2011 for the campaign which was banned in the UK for sexualising children.
Young has already been embroiled in controversy of her own though, after her online campaign for Topshop last year caused a 'Size 0' backlash when she was pictured looking like a broom handle with sunglasses on. After various complaints, the high street store was forced to replace her images with some which didn't see her channelling skeletor.

Aside from the bottle (which reminds me of a ladybird), 'Dot' supposedly smells of berries, dragon fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, vanilla, driftwood and musk - basically it's sweet.
But wafts aside, Jacob's fragrance campaigns always seem to tire my eyes, and considering they're shot by provocative photographer Juergen Teller (who gave us Winona Ryder shortly after being prosecuted for shoplifting, Victoria Beckham dressed in nothing but a carrier bag and Charlotte Rampling half-naked in bed with artist William Eggleston) - I'm thinking Jacobs could do with injecting some of his more outlandish spirit into these ads. 

Like dotty Helena Bonham-Carter, or 53-year-old artist Cerith Wyn Evans protecting his modesty with a bunch of balloons (both for AW11).
You know, a model actually having fun, being girlie and silly...evoking a youthful, vibrant spirit to accompany the fragrance. Or a model just doing something. Anything?! Rather than just holding a bottle, while looking glum. Yawn Marc, YAWN!

Images © Juergen Teller / Marc Jacobs


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