Thursday, 19 April 2012

Giorgio Armani Goes Avant-Garde for Gaga

Poor Gaga Monster, she couldn't have Jean Paul Gaultier design costumes for her upcoming Born This Way tour because Madonna's already snagged him for hers - so she asked Giorgio Armani to sketch some new looks with his paws and this is what he's come up with (below).
We're told (via the press release) that the custom-made designs are a fusion of couture detailing including Plexiglas, mirrored metal, flesh-toned latex, black crystals and shoulder pads-come-abstract guitars which reference the cubism movement - all paired with robotic thigh-high boots and outlandish headpieces like that triangle-face thing.
I can hear Grace Jones tutting as I type....

Images © Armani / Haus of Gaga


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