Wednesday, 4 April 2012

David Lynch x "Crazy Clown Time"

If you've ever wondered what 7mins of a B-B-Q party gone wrong (in someone's back garden) looks like, then watch the latest atmospheric (to put it midly) musical offering from the master of surrealistic dreamscapes, David Lynch, which also marks his first solo music effort, "Crazy Clown Time".

The vid features a punk rocker called Deedee who sets his own Mohican on fire, some slightly agitated guests rocking backwards and forwards in their plastic garden chairs, and a girl called Sally writhing around on the floor topless while a heavily tattooed man called Danny pours beer all over her?! - all set to some pretty bizarre lyrics like "he screamed so loud he spit", all spoken by Lynch who seems to be channelling the voice of the weird man who lives at the end of your street.... who scares small children.

It's a bit trance-like, hallucinatory and completely insane. So basically it's brilliant! Watch for yourself below:


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