Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coco and Breezy x Copy & Paste Clothiers Baseball Jacket

I've been searching for the ultimate baseball jacket for like aaaaaaaaages now, and after spotting Nike's 'Pinnacle' which I was *THIS* close to buying for £280 from Liberty London (below).....

Image © Liberty London

.....I'm now slightly swaying towards this unisex offering (below), which is a collaboration between US brand Copy & Paste Clothiers and hip New York-based accessories label Coco and Breezy (they have a v urban aesthetic featuring metal and geometric-shaped designs worn by peeps like Nicki Minaj), 
The limited edition “Appetizer” jacket is released on April 18th HERE as part of Coco and Breezy's SS12 collection, and comes in a 'His' and 'Hers' version - so basically you can mix it up however you choose. I WANT!!

Images © Coco and Breezy 2012


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