Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Calvin Klein x Macy's x The Amazon Rainforest

Francisco Costa is the man who puts minimalism into Calvin Klein, and now he's putting a capsule collection into Macy's in the US as part of a S/S12 campaign to promote the Amazon rainforest, entitled “A Magical Journey to Brazil”.

With clients like Rooney Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gwyneth Coldplay and Emma Hermione Potter (yes I meant to do that), the capsule collection will mark Costa’s first unique designs for the store, which already stocks some CK clothes and accessories.

Think rich and colourful Brazilian sunsets and you have the colour palette/theme of the new range which will retail between $135 and $180 online and in store, launching on May 15 for two months only. 

Costa told WWD: “This fresh, youthful line of dresses reflects both my roots and the modern, yet timeless spirit of Calvin Klein".

Image © Calvin Klein


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