Monday, 30 April 2012

Blood Orange x Champagne Coast

Image @ YouTube

DevontĂ© Hynes, aka, Blood Orange has unveiled the new video for his track, Champagne Coast. Directed by stylist and Queen of the GIFS, Haley Wollens, it features lots of girls shimmying on their own, on a background of what looks like a photoshopped collage of cool and quirky, modern vs retro interiors - animated by Berlin-based Andreas “Nout” Schmidt.

Wollens sourced her images for the video by going to that place they call 'The Library' (what, 'she didn't use Tumblr?!' I hear you cry), telling the New York Times: “With producer Maya Barrera, I spent hours at the library sifting through and scanning our favourite rooms from interior design magazines".

Blood Orange explained how the video and song connects: "The song, as with every other piece of music I seem to make, is mostly about longing, creating scenarios in regards to an unrequited lover, plans that will never see fruition. So you’re left alone in your digitally created interior to dance by yourself."

It's a bit genius really, and I particularly like the 'ass-less' dress dance'y bit at the 2:18 mark - that's the kind of dress you don't want to be wearing your Bridget Jones's under!


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