Friday, 9 March 2012

Uh and Oh. Tut Tut Sears!

When you're a giant retailer with a well-respected family-focused reputation to uphold, you know it's time to dial *0h sh*t!* for your PR Crisis Management team, when someone in your online fashion department decides to promote a new range of toddlers slogan tees, with completely inappropriate messages on them.

US retailer Sears is at the centre of an #awkward situation, after the New York Daily News reported today that their online store was selling tees and onesies in their “toddler” section, with messages like “Don’t Make Me Kick You In The Fallopian Tubes” and the wonderfully misogynistic “Nice Girls Don’t Pepper Spray”. I know kids grow up fast these days...but seriously, a gang member at 3-years old?!
But perhaps the slogan which will make you cringe the most, is the totally absurd and unexplainable tee for little boys which reads “Hung Like Daddy” (above).
Yep I know. Words cannot explain.

Sears has since responded to the report by immediately removing the collection from their website, agreeing that the merchandise was indeed "offensive". 
Of course, after a bit of research - aka deliberately digging for more gossip - other fashion sites such as found that there were still a few *raise eyebrows now* pieces on sale. My fav is the Baby Blanket that reads "Fear No Evil" (below):

Images © Sears 

Now, I know I'm not one of those girls who does that coo-ing at a human ball of wrinkles thing. But still, when you peer into the cot of a newborn you expect fluffy teddy bears and stuff to make that frozen-package of ground heart meat in your chest feel something.
You DON'T expect to see a baby wrapped in a devil-like face with flames shooting from it?! Unless of course, Daddy is actually a Hell's Angel....


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