Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Supremebeing x Peter Holm

© Supremebeing 2012

Street culture label Supremebeing have collaborated with three lensmen, Andrew Kuykendall, Jason Panchos and Peter Holm, on a new range of tees designed to act as a vehicle for photography and art-based thematic prints. The designs explore themes such as 'Faded Future' and British-born Peter Holm's 'The Wash' which caught my eye, featuring a block print in deep saturated blue, over a hazy summer skyline.

Holm and his photographic alter-ego, Homez - a cult road character inspired by the seventies Beat Generation of writers and film directors - travelled through Asia, Australia and North America, chronicling his stories along the way using vintage equipment and old-school photographic techniques. The result is a series of images which capture urban exteriors shot from the hip, produced in lomo vibrant colours, with burn out techniques reminiscent of 70s polaroids (a bit like the rest of us try to do with Instagram filters). 

Holm's 'Lomo Series' features images taken on his travels to San Fancisco, Sydney and New York, and includes the 'Lo-Fi Bondi' shot which appears on Supremebeing's 100% cotton tee (above).

Images - 'Lomo Series' © Peter Holm

Along with various commissions and solo exhibitions of his work in Brighton, San Francisco, Sydney and London, Holm also created a video fusing together archive footage of his photographic adventures around the world - an homage he says "to the creative free spirits of the writers, musicians, artists & friends who've inspired me over the years".
Talking of free spirits....the video is also set to Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile", recorded at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970:

With all things retro right now, like Mulberry's SS12 British seaside and childhood holidays-inspired campaign, Holm's 'Eye Deal' series is a nod to the hippy trippy idealism of a 1970’s traveller - evoking a sense of nostalgia and happiness - like opening up a photographic album of your past, steeped in beautiful misty memories. 

Images - 'Eye Deal' series © Peter Holm

To see more of Holm's work, head HERE, and to see the rest of the Supremebeing tee collection head to their official website HERE. The range is also available from streetcasuals.com.


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