Friday, 23 March 2012

Pixie Geldof x A Lo Fi Grunge Odyssey

Image © LuvLuvLuv Records

If you've ever wondered what Pixie Geldof's singing voice is like, wonder no more. The model and Brit socialite is due to release her debut single on May 7 called "Y.O.U", which her Sister Peaches describes as a "lo fi grunge odyssey". 

The single drops as part of a double A-side which also features a track entitled "I Come Undone."

The song is being released under her band/moniker Violet - a nod to the track by Courtney Love's band, Hole, who she says had a huge influence on her growing up. Speaking to DIY, Pixie said "Violet is one of my favourite songs. The music is angry and dark and aggressive but it’s still a love song; there’s still a soft sentiment to it, the lyrics are fragile. I like that juxtaposition in music but I’ve kind of reversed it in my work; I wanted the music to be soft but the lyrics to be darker and heavier.”

Have a listen for yourself below. I 
imagine Bob has given this a 10/10....


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