Monday, 5 March 2012

The Panic Room x Tilt (Graffiti Artist)

Tilt is a prominent graffiti artist, or "graffiti fetishist" who developed his art on the streets and on trains, with his first tags appearing on skateboard ramps in 1988.
Now his signature bubble tags have been commissioned by the Au Vieux Panier Hotel to decorate one of its bedrooms. The experimental hotel, based in Marseille, France, annually invites artists and graphic designers to redesign six of the hotel’s rooms in a bid to offer a three-dimensional canvas to creatives, and to give visitors a different way of viewing art.
Called the 'Panic Room', one half of Tilt's design is a colour explosion along the walls, floor, and furniture, while the other half is a stark contrast of floor-to-ceiling minimal white. 

The room represents a 'split personality', and if you don't have one by the time you vacate it the next morning, then give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the urban mish-mash of reality meets insania.
At £113 a night, you can go to bed in chaos, and then just roll over to the other side of your bed to wake up in the calmness.


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