Friday, 23 March 2012

Mischa Barton x Mischa's Place

When I think of fashion and Mischa Barton, I think Hmm... 
Generally because the actress dresses like someone who drives a custard yellow 1980's Datsun and can usually be found queuing for the portaloos at a music festival. She also has that look which says she clothed herself in the middle of the night from a charity donation skip. In fact, as I type Help The Aged are looking through their Friday donation bags to make sure all their clothes are in check.
Yes what I'm trying to say is her non-fashion sense gives me a face seizure.

So imagine my shock when I received an email telling me Mischa is about to launch her own FASHION LINE?!
Not content with a handbag range which debuted in 2008, she's now designed a new clothing line called Mischa's Place, which consists of the Mischa Signature jacket (basically whatever her PR/Manager told her to wear that day), a blossom dress (same old bohemian grunge), sequined crackle leggings (leggings, *sigh*), cropped band jackets and scarves.

Apparently Mischa's Place will be "an eclectic haven of style" and lucky Londoners will be able to dress just like her as she's opening a store in London's Spitafields Market later this Spring. Not bad for someone who consistently appears in the "worst dressed" columns of celeb magazines.
And just in case you're thinking I'm being too harsh on poor Mischa the "style icon"....I give you these visual examples of her fashion know-how (KNOW-NOT):

Images © Splash / Wenn / Rex


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