Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mary Katrantzou x QWERTY Copyright

So imagine your name is Adwoa Bagalini, a Geneva-based collector of such things as vintage typewriters. Then imagine you find an old Olivetti Lettera 35 (that's a typewriter by the way), and you decide to paint it red, take a pic of it, and then sell it on at auction.

Still with me?

Ok, imagine post-auction that VERY typewriter you found, painted and sold, later turns up as the inspiration for a kitsch dress in Mary Katrantzou's AW12 London Fashion Week show, which was based on the theme of everyday items? Well that's exactly what happened to that little hot-rod red Olivetti, when the Greek-born designer chose to base her one-of-a-kind digitally printed black-and-red dress on a picture she saw of the typewriter.

Far from getting her ribbons in a twist about the possible copyright issues involved, Bagalini wrote to Katrantzou about the similarities between the dress and her little pimped-up Olivetti - and she explains it all on Retro Tech Geneva.

Not only did Katrantzou give credit where credit was due (meaning she acknowledged the dress was based around Bagalini's image, albeit tweaked for the actual design) but she also offered to send the collector and blogger her very own typewriter dress. Wowsers!

Hmm....come to think of it, I'm sure I made an ostrich leather handbag in textiles class at school once, and called it the Del Rey....

Image © Retro Tech Geneva
Image © Cavan Pawson


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