Saturday, 3 March 2012

Marina and The Diamonds: Homewrecker

I know its reeeeeally dull when people write things like "I looooooooove this song" when trying to engage their readers with what their iPod currently has on repeat.
But I loooooooooove "Homewrecker", one of the new tracks on the forthcoming Marina and the Diamonds album!

A good ole sing-along-with-your-gin electro-pop tune, Homewrecker appears on Electra Heart, which is released on April 30 containing 12 tracks including Starring Role and Fear & Loathing. Unfortunately the song that had me hooked at the end of last Summer - Radioactive - is not included in the mix. Adopt that *petted lip* now.

But look out for Primadonna, the first official release from the LP instead, which is due out on April 16. And in the meantime.... "I belong to no-one... I'm a home wrecker....."


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