Monday, 19 March 2012

Lana x Tattoos x Blue Jeans

Images © Lana Del Rey / Twitter

Lana Del Rey must really like male mod Bradley Soileau, or tattoos, or both, because him and them have popped up again in her latest video for Blue Jeans - the one we've all heard like a thousand times but we still can't stop humming it. Soileau also co-starred in the vid for Born To Die.

Dressed in a slinky retro-style swimsuit, Lana Del Lovely goes all deep and meaningful on us with her usual neo-vintage vibe and a passion-sesh with Soileau, who has the words 'War Inside My head' inked on his forehead. Bit heavy innit.

Brad is the King of waxing lyrical on his skin though, as his hand also appears on the cover art for the track (top pic above), with the word F*CK spelled out across his fingers. 
I'm assuming the other hand says OFF?!


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