Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lana Del Rey x That Cropped Frank Sinatra Tee

Images © Zimbio

Oh Lana.....this look just makes me love you more.....and more.

Here is the porcelain-perfect-pouty-face at a recent Guns N'Roses gig rockin' her very own cropped tee homage to Ol' blue eyes (let's count the days until Topshop runs off their own copy in stores), paired with Converse kicks, a packet of Camel fags in her jeans and that elbows-in-the-air pose which says she's probably had too much Tequila. She and I are SO meant to be BFF's.
If you fancy channelling Lana channelling Frankie, then I've found a retro-style tee featuring a 1938 mugshot of the rat pack crooner (when he was hardcore Frankie) which just needs the bottom half slicing off, et voilà....hello waist!

Head HERE for colours and prices of the tee design (below).


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