Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Katharine Hamnett x H&M for Climate Week 2012

Image © H&M / Katharine Hamnett

If I say H&M, you'll all think the next word is MARNI..!! Alas, no. It's another iconic fashion name instead - Katharine Hamnett.
The British designer has collaborated with the high street retailer as part of Climate Week (12-18 March) creating a low carbon, organic cotton tee which carries the Carbon Reduction label certified by the Carbon Trust. In Hamnett's signature style, the tee features a block letter slogan on the front saying Save The Future, and celebrities involved with the official launch campaign include Arni Arnason from The Vaccines and former Moloko singer-songwriter Roisin Murphy.

Available as a limited-edition for both men and women, the tee will be on sale at selected H&M stores from March 12 priced at £9.99, with 25% of sales going to the Environmental Justice Foundation's (EJF) climate refugees campaign. 
And just in case you were wondering why you should choose to wear only organic cotton, here are some facts to help you:

"Non-organic cotton represents 10% of world agriculture. This type of cotton contains 25% of the world's pesticides."

"20,000 people die every year from accidental pesticide poisoning in conventional cotton agriculture (World Health Organisation). Death by starvation is alarmingly prevalent and 200,000 cotton farmers commit suicide annually due to spiralling debts incurred from buying pesticides. A further 1,000,000 people a year suffer from long-term pesticide poisoning (Pesticide Action Network)However, if farmers grow cotton organically and can sell it as such, this dire situation is reversed."

"By growing organically, farmers get a 50% increase in their income - due to a 40% reduction in costs - and the 20% premium they receive for producing organic cotton allows them to feed, clothe, educate and provide healthcare for their children."

"Organic cotton helps farmers trade their way out of poverty. It's the only formula for survival in the cotton sector in the developing world."

*Info / The Fight For Organic Cotton


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